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1. Win64/Sirefef-A
4. Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AL
9. Win32/Heur Virus
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Free Trial Virus Removal (Windows 7, Vista, XP)

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Get the latest Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software utility equipped with True Real-Time malware blocking to keep your computer secure against the very latest threats. STOPzilla! AVM 2013 scans, cleans and blocks latest Viruses, Spyware, Pop-up ads, Browser hijackers, Phishing attacks, Trojans, Drive-by downloads, Rogue programs, Keyloggers, malicious BHOs, invasive Rootkits and more, making your computer and sensitive personal information 100% safe and protected.

Numerous industry awards and recognition from international publications and lab testings has proved iS3 as one of the industry's leading anti-malware providers. Since its release, over 15 million users have downloaded STOPzilla! from more than 60 countries around the world.

Enhanced defense against vicious viruses, trojans and more
Automated blocking from harmful websites and malicious scripts
In-depth identification and removal of sophisticated rootkits
Total protection from social network and IM client malware
Regular updates protects against rapidly changing threats
Tireless 24/7/365 support team to answer any questions
STOPzilla! AVM 2013 Trial
Malware & Virus Removal Trial
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Smart Pop-Up Blocker For All Browsers

STOPzilla! AVM 2013 pop-up blocking mechanism quickly intercepts and stops all forms of unwanted advertisements while allowing you to view legitimate pop-ups. The unique pop-up blocker can separate out pop-ups from trusted sites from the ones that are spam. STOPzilla! AVM 2013 powerful pop-up stopper blocks all forms of unwanted advertising pop-ups and pop-unders initiated by adware or spyware. Works with FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera web browsers.

True Real-time AVM protection

STOPzilla! AVM 2013 is the unique software application of its kind. It's a true master at blocking malware at the source, before it can get inside your computer. The True Real-Time protection puts this utility above the rest in detecting, blocking, and quarantining identified and unidentified infections as they emerge. Any programs originating with your computer are allowed to run uninterrupted, while STOPzilla! AVM silently works in the background to 100% safeguard your Windows system and personal information from even the most sophisticated stealth attacks.

The powerful AVM browsing defense blocks out potential harmful websites and quarantines any malware files located in hidden malicious scripts and drive-by downloads. STOPzilla! AVM 2013 will also protect you from Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger application malware as well as very sophisticated Java and boot sector threats hiding in encrypted or compressed files.

Free Trial Virus Removal Download

STOPzilla! AVM 2013 combines advanced rootkit and malware removal techniques with sophisticated antivirus protection to keep your PC 100% clean and virus free, making sure that your computer always run at top performance! Download 14 day free trial version and quarantine any detected virus and malware infections on your computer!

Try STOPzilla! AVM 2013 Free For 14 days.
(Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000)

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