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The Search.conduit.com is an online search engine, the website is rated safe by both Norton Safeweb and McAffee SiteAdviser. Still there are thousands of user complaints and hijack reports about unwanted Search.conduit.com redirects on the Internet. If your browser home page or search engine links have been affected by this redirection, your computer is most likely infected with a malicious rootkit program known as ZeroAccess, Sirefef or Google redirect virus. The malicious programs is written by hackers to earn revenue by diverting Google search engine links to websites that pay them money for the redirected visitors, many times without knowing about the malicious methods used to generate the traffic. Malware related to Search.conduit.com hijack may download additional payloads via a hidden background connection and carry out a range of actions inside your computer. It can modify the registry and DNS to manipulate your computer's routing process and install a keylogger program to log your keystrokes and collect confidential personal information. The Search.conduit.com redirecting malware can not be removed with traditional antivirus software as it uses an advanced encryption algorithm to avoid detection; this is why most virus scanners are unable to detect its presence. Rootkit and virus infections associated with the malicious redirection may pose a potential risk to your security and privacy. We urge you to scan your system without delay if you suspect your computer has been infected.

Download safe and free rootkit scanner to know if you have the Google redirect virus installed on your computer. Protect your operating system from rootkits, browser hijackers, and other harmful malware attacks. Simply use the link below to start your full system scan.

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Typical signs of redirect virus on your computer

  • Home page keeps redirecting to Search.conduit.com either you are using Chrome, IE or FireFox web browser
  • The desktop background screen has been replaced by a blank screen
  • You are getting Windows error pop ups and the computer gets very sluggish or hangs upon boot
  • Your computer is sending spam to your email address contacts without your knowledge
  • Bing and Google search links take you to different sites than you clicked on

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Quick, easy and safe way to remove browser hijackers, redirect viruses, keyloggers and other Internet parasites. Fix Search.conduit.com redirects and clean away associated malware. Download free scanner to detect Google redirecting virus within minutes.
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